Know a little about the ISmartHosting!

Founded in 2003, and solidified by the efficient work it offers its customers. It has established as priority to create real solutions that meets the needs of your customers, making them truly useful .

More than a simple Website Hosting company, we develop daily proprietary technology for Hosting automation that is summed up in practical and real solutions to prevent problems from occurring or that have the least possible impact. The recognition of those who test our services is evidenced in a long and lasting trust.


The infinite cycle of ISmartHosting is summarized as follows:


It is to understand what you need and to seek
new technologies to be more efficient
it's easy for you today and always.


It is what allows us to go beyond, to avoid in more than 98% possible failures preventively.


It is the result of this technology in favor of our customers.


  • Backup & Restore
  • Safety
  • SLA
  • Anti-spam
  • Discount coupon